BC Deer Hunt

BC was great, the deer were there and the hunting was good. Although I didn’t bring home a buck, I was impressed by the opportunity and also the bucks my friends Jeff and George bagged. The area was densely wooded except where fields had been created by clearing timber and those fields held both whitetail and mule deer.

The forest held mostly mule deer, which were very elusive, even during the rut. The fields were all on privately owned property and the deer there were easier to spot and probably easier to approach as well. Farming and ranch activities somewhat moderated their willingness to accept the presence of vehicles.

Here are photos of bucks taken on the trip. More later.

Jeff and his guide Corey with Jeff's whitetail

Jeff’s whitetail had a gross score over 160 B&C. He shot it from a tree stand while Corey rattled.

Jeff with the head and cape of his mule deer buck

Jeff’s muley had three points on each side, double eye guards, heavy horns, an outside width of 26 inches and a height of 21 inches. It was aged at about seven years old. The buck came to the sound of Corey’s rattling horns.

George "W." with his muley.

Seattle George took this buck during heavy rutting activity. It had typical muley antlers, a width of 23 inches and antler height of  18 inches. Jeff and George took these mule deer bucks within 100 yards of the same spot, two days apart.

I found a buck I would have shot, on the last day of the hunt, but despite huge outside dimensions, the buck was not legal. After the 20th of November, mule deer bucks must have four antler tines on each side and the buck I encountered on November 22nd was only three by two.

Light was poor and he was far away. Here’s the best photo I have. Our outfitter, Kiff Covert of Dome Creek Outfitters took good care of us and I recommend him highly.

This buck had great dimensions, but not enough antler tines.

Kiff has a better picture of this 3×2 and I intend to publish it in a later post. More BC info as I find time.

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