Piebald Blacktail Deer

Photos of piebald deer are rare. However, the West Coast of Washington is home to the gene that produces this color abnormality in blacktail deer and occasionally photos pop up. Here’s a shot I received from George DeBell, a Seattle hunter who found this deer approximately ten miles west of Centrailia, WA.

Piebald deer have both normal and abnormal coloring.

6 thoughts on “Piebald Blacktail Deer

    • Nice. Washington is apparently one of the most likely places to see a piebald deer. I have seen an albino deer in California. Photographed it, but the photo was slightly out of focus and useless for all practical purposes.

  1. I live in eastern Pierce County, Washington, and have seen a number of them around here. Not any with white on them, but more grey, tan, and various shades of brown. There used to be an all white one in the Arlington area years ago.

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