The Good Old Days

Here’s a photo of Harry Rowell and and another fellow. This other fellow has been called Johnny horsekiller by some of the locals. I don’t have the story to go with the name.

The photo speaks for itself.

Harry Rowell and hunting partner Johnny

From what I’ve been told, these deer were killed in Nevada. Any of them would win the local big buck contest these days.

The Rowell Ranch, or at least what we know of it, bordered property we now own in Southern Alameda County. The Rowell Ranch Rodeo, which takes place near Palomaris Canyon is named after him.

2 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. Hi Rich and Rob, long time!! Good to see that you’re up and running!

    Back in the 1980’s at a sports and boats show, i came upon, had a glimpse, of a old rack of horns covered by a gunny sack in the rear of one of the vendors booths. Asking for a better look, the vendor handed me the rack for my inspection. I had a picture taken of me with the rack and later compared that rack to the bucks in a copy of the picture that you posted. To my satisfaction, it was indeed one of these same huge Muley bucks pictured. To this day, that is/was the largest framed Muley buck that i’ve ever held.

    Thanks for the ride down memory lane! The bucks in the picture that you’ve shown, truly are some Giants!!!

    Paul Cardoza
    Chester, Ca

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