Meadow Larks Rebounding?

Spent the day at the ranch on Saturday. Sunny day. I kept disturbing flocks of birds, but they were mostly too far away to get a good look at them so I assumed they were horned larks which tend to bunch up along our ranch roads.

After setting up my spotting scope to look for deer or turkeys, a flock of meadow larks landed about 50 yards away. I realized that the flocks of birds I’d been seeing were all meadow larks. Now meadow larks are not rare, but large numbers of them are unusual these days. There was a time when meadow larks were about the most common bird in our grasslands.

Maybe their populations are rebounding. Today I eyed several while touring around the Altamont.

This meadow lark was laying low in the cool wind.

(Double click on the image to enlarge.)

When he flew, I made an attempt to catch him in flight. The result wasn’t too bad.

Meadow lark in flight. They tend to fly in surges like a swimmer doing the breast stroke - similar to the pattern of a blackbird.

It’s nice to see more meadow larks and especially nice to hear them calling.

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