The Harry Rowell Buck

Got this email message from Paul Cardoza regarding the post, “The Good Old Days.”

Rich, here’s the pic of me holding the buck I came across at the Sports show in Frisco, 1981. Stan Escover had the 9×12 photo that we compared Rowells buck with the buck one I’m holding in this pic. The picture that Stan had showed the same bucks, same place, but the buck in front of Harry, was rearranged showing the bucks huge rack a lot better than the print that you posted. To me anyway, the bucks in both pictures proved to be one and the same. Stan still may have that pic, I don’t know…  Paul

Here’s Paul’s photo:

Paul Cardoza holding the Harry Rowell buck's antlers in 1981.

In case you missed it, here’s the photo in the previous post.

Harry Rowell and hunting partner Johnny

Wonder where those great Nevada antlers went.

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