Kennedy Meadows Pack Station adds Pack Trip to the Livermore-Pleasanton MDF Auction

A five-day drop-camp trip for two people will be offered at the Livermore Pleasanton Mule Deer Foundation banquet on March 10, 2011. Each person will be provided with a riding horse and pack mule along with a packer to load the animals  and guide them to camp.

On day one the packer will deliver the riders to their camp site and on day five he will return to pick them up.

Kennedy Meadows pack station is known for its excellent riding stock and experienced wranglers.

A drop-camp can be arranged in the immigrant Wilderness adjacent to Yosemite National Park or in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness along the Clark Fork of the Stanislaus River.

We’ve hunted with Kennedy Meadows several times and had great service. We’ve hunted deer in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness serveral times in the both archery and rifle deer seasons. These packers will get you where you want to go.

Here's a nice buck taken in the D6 deer zone.

If you’re interested in bear, you’ll probably find one.

I photographed this bruin during the D6 archery season a few years ago.

If fishing is your thing, then Kennedy Meadows pack station can take you to one many lakes with excellent fishing. And, the scenery is impressive.

Daughter Betsy and I spent a few days fishing out of Kennedy Meadows a few years ago.

 The fair market value of this trip is $920. For more information, send me an email. To order tickets, call Bob Holm at (925)447-2044.

2 thoughts on “Kennedy Meadows Pack Station adds Pack Trip to the Livermore-Pleasanton MDF Auction

  1. I have spent many of years up there as we have a cabin near by.the people that run kennedy meadows have always been very pleasant to work with.there horses have been in great shape and the ride to the lake words cannt be said on how that is GODS land! this is a ride everyone should do once in there life time!

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