Unfounded Fears, New ATV

For about a week Rob and I had been discussing the ranch. Out of reach during the week’s storms, we could only wait for a break in the weather and a couple days of drying before heading out to determine damage.

In the meantime, we decided it was time to purchase a new ranch vehicle. Having lost one of our ATV’s to engine failure and needing a two seater, it was decision time.

After years of debate, we concluded it was time to purchase a Yamaha Rhino. We looked at other side by sides, but the Rhino won the contest and after riding around for a day I’m convinced we made a good choice.

The Rhino had plenty of power, good breaks and compression for slowing on hills.

We barely had the Rhino out of the trailer when a group of jakes stopped by.

The break in the weather was welcome by all.

A creek crossing along the way, could have created a real issue, but wisely we loaded the Rhino back into the truck trailer before crossing. The water was deep and would have turned our vehicle from an ATV to an AWV and sunk.

That was the biggest obstacle. We checked ponds and roads for a couple hours and were amazed that more damage had not occured.

The ponds we checked were full and looking good.

Our biggest fear was that the roaring water had wiped out one or more of our culverts or caused a big slide making the road impassible.

We were relieved to find the road in good shape.

Deer were out in good numbers.

About a dozen deer fed on the ridge.

We also found the skull of one more good buck that met up with a lion.

Rob found this skull in the canyon.

All in all it was a good day at the ranch. Hopefully we’re over the worst weather and we’ll have nothing but spring showers from here on out.

One thought on “Unfounded Fears, New ATV

  1. Rich,

    Beautiful pictures.
    I’m glad your ranch made it through the rain.
    Hopefully we are finally through the worst of it.
    Nice looking Jakes, looks like you had a good hatch this year.
    After missing opening day due to the rain, I got #1 Sunday.

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