Mountain Lion Track on Freshly Graded Road

My pocket knife is 3 1/2 inches long, about the length of this track.

This is not a large lion or a small one either. The ground is soft, which is why the track shows at all. On hard ground one seldom spots lion tracks. This lion track was found on a road that also held many deer tracks. Where there are deer, lions will follow.

Bucks are growing their antlers.

One of the benefits of predators is that they move their prey species around, protecting flora from overgrazing.

One thought on “Mountain Lion Track on Freshly Graded Road

  1. Hello rich,
    We are contemplating puttin in for x3b vs x12.we have 2 pts. drew x12 in 04 an 07.
    Haven’t hunted 3b since 94.Do yu know status of how the herds in 3b faired this past winter an overall condition of herds in 3b. Any help would be much appreciated.Also Iam now the caretaker of the east gustine,bnd and lucky12 duck clubs as of 6/1 so if your ever in the area stop by an have a cold one.




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