Mushroom Hunting

The King Bolete (Boletus edulis)

Please be ware. I’m not a mushroom expert, and if you want to eat mushrooms, I suggest you hang around with people who have certified knowledge on the topic. This was the case last week as a group of us scavanged Lassen county in search of mushrooms.

We found plenty, but only a couple species that were no brainers for eating. The one in the first photograph was eaten. One of it’s common names is king bolete.

This king bolete was a little too old for our taste, so it wasn't eaten.

Here’s one in hand.

Top of a king bolete in hand.

We removed the gills of the mushroom as that was where the bugs were hanging out.

Then we fried up a sample.

We sliced the mushrooms and fried them in butter with garlic salt. They were terrific.

I had plenty of guarantees that these mushrooms were safe to eat, as several in the group had been eating them for years. That’s one good way to feel comfortable that you’ll survive dinner.

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