Two Trips in One

I’m preparing to depart on an Idaho archery elk hunt and a Nevada muzzleloader mule deer hunt at the same time.  I’ll be hunting with my brother, Rob and cousin, Wes. The Idaho hunt will be a week followed by a week in Nevada, where I’ll be joined by Jerry Lowery.

Loading for two hunts isn’t a big deal, but the archery and muzzleloader gear adds a little to the detail work and requires a little more practice. I haven’t been shooting the bow as much as I normally would.

The latest addition to my muzzleloader hunt is a new rifle. I gave up on the Remington muzzleloader and purchased a T/C Triumph. The Triumph, sometimes known as the Michael Waddell Bonecollector model, is a superior muzzleloader. It’s easier to clean, lighter, more reliable and more accurate. The biggest factor in accuracy is the fiber optic site.

The fiber optics allow me to hit targets out to 100 yards just like the good old days when I could see. I am optimistic that I’ll be able to bring home a nice buck.

So the plan is 7 days of elk hunting and 7 days of mule deer hunting. We’ll be in Southeast Idaho, near the Wyoming border for elk. Plus I have a general season deer tag in Idaho as well. But, we don’t normally see many bucks while elk hunting. The Nevada hunt will take place near Eureka.

I’m planning to make a couple posts while on the trip. These locations are somewhat remote, but there will be opportunities along the way.

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