Waterfowl Mid-Season Ups and Downs

The waterfowl season has been up and down so far. Three trips to the grasslands produced two busts and one boom. Hunted Salt Slough on Wednesday the 30th of November when the winds nearly blew us off the area. We didn’t do well in the howling winds.

By the time we found a pond with ducks, the wind was blowing so hard that the ducks didn’t fly – at least not where we were. We held out until about 3:00 PM and headed home with one ring-neck duck between us.

On the following Saturday, I hunted the grasslands on a private club. My host and I shot 14 ducks of the mixed bag variety. Strong winds helped us on that day. I had a poor shooting day, which is common in strong winds.

On Wednesday the 7th of December, my friend Tom and I took advantage of reservation #4 at Merced. We decided to go with area E in the bypass. This is a mallard resting spot drainage that’s about 30 yards wide. First time at this spot for us, but we wanted to give it a try.

Mallards worked frequently, but they were very shy. We never fired a shot despite having birds in sight most of the morning. Our afternoon pheasant hunt at Salt Slough was also a bust. However, we accomplished some serious scouting and we’ll be back.

The slough was about 30 yards wide and the mud made for difficult wading. Wear stocking foot waders and tight boots for this area.

This last weekend we hunted Webb Tract in the Delta and shot three geese out of about 50,000 we saw. The conditions just weren’t right, but the birds were there.

We saw plenty of geese last weekend, but didn’t kill many.

Click on the photo to see the geese in the sky.

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