The Year of the Specklebelly Goose

Fred dressed in full goose garb with his first spec of the day

The 2011/12 waterfowl season will be remembered as the year of the spec (white-front goose). Duck hunting has been below par and I haven’t had many fully satisfying duck hunts this season, but the goose hunting has been fabulous.

Friday was a personal first for me. For the first time in my life, the spec limit is six this season and Friday I left the field with a heavy duck strap of six specs.  Fred also shot six geese, but we did it in different ways, both effective.

I stuck it out over the decoys and eventually enough specs decoyed within good range for me to bag my limit. After sitting in the blind for several hours, Fred shifted to the pass shooting mode and got his birds.

Pass shooting, moving into flight paths and bringing down birds at maximum range is a very good way to kill geese. But for me, nothing is as exciting has having a goose set his wings a few hundred yards out and sail down within range.

On Saturday, I stuck with the decoy mode while Fred continued to seek out flyways and pass shoot. While I fired a couple shots on Saturday, Fred bagged four more geese with fast action for the first few hours of the day.

No matter how you slice it, this will be the season remembered for the specklebelly goose.

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