California Fails to Manage Mountain Lions

abc dan richard hunting lion thg 120222 wblog Top Fish And Game Official Poses With Dead Mountain Lion

Mountain lions are an essential element of California ecosystems. Unfortunately they are not currently managed in any form. Although the most important cougar prey species, blacktail and mule deer, are managed, a failure to manage the main species that eats deer makes deer management less predictable.


This California lion was photographed with a trail camera near Livermore. A lion like this can take a heavy toll on a local deer population, especially if she has juvenile cubs.

Other states have progressive, scientific methods of managing wildlife and consider mountain lions a game animal that is hunted with quotas to make sure numbers of deer, deer hunters and lions is balanced. California is out of touch.

Congratulations to Dan Richards, pictured above with his Idaho mountain lion – which appears to be a huge tom.

2 thoughts on “California Fails to Manage Mountain Lions

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