Hardly Fired Up Goose Hunt

We make every effort to hide. Here's my hunting partner in full-guilly mode.

First thoughts about a mid-February specklebelly goose hunt were that it would be quite exciting.

As the day arrived, a look at the weather forecast moderated our excitement. Of course we had to give it a try.

Our day and a half on Webb Tract was sunny, warm and mostly boring. However, we did bag eleven white-fronts between five of us. It was mostly a test of long range shooting at passing birds.

I killed time by bringing my camera to the blind and taking a few photos. Not very noteworthy, but here are a couple of them.

Birds of prey were abundant. Besides this sharp-shinned hawk, we saw merlins, red-tails, harriers and kites.

Sometimes the ships look like they're on land.

2 thoughts on “Hardly Fired Up Goose Hunt

  1. Im looking to join a duck club this year in the Dixon, Yolo County area but havent had much success obtaining contact information. Maybe you can help me. I am an experienced game and waterfowl hunter looking for a club with facilities or allow a placement of a trailer. Also a club who would allow a periodic guest (my son) I would be an active participant looking to hunt most Wednesday’s and Sundays.

    • You may want to consider Wilderness Unlimited. Look them up on the web. Check Cal Waterfowl’s magazine ads. I don’t have any suggestions more specific than that. Good luck. You’ll find a spot.

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