Nevada Landowner Tag Auction March 8, 2012

UNIT 102

Ruby Mountains

To be auctioned at the March 8th, 2012, Livermore-Pleasanton Mule Deer Foundation Annual Banquet.  The first tag will be auctioned and the high bidder will have the opportunity to buy the second tag at the same price.  To bid by phone contact Randy Morrison at (707) 592 9998, prior to the night of the dinner.

 Unit 102 runs from Highway 80 at the North end, to Harrison Pass on the South end, (see map) and there are several guides and outfitters who provide service for the unit.  For additional information contact Bob Holm @ 925 447 2044.

 A Landowner Tag allows you to hunt ALL of the legal seasons (with the appropriate weapon) in Unit 102.

 ESTIMATED season dates.  Actual dates will be published by Nevada Dept. of Wildlife

Archery:                    9/1 to 9/14

Muzzle Loader:       9/15 to 9/30           

Early Rifle:                10/ 1 to 10/12

Middle Rifle:            10/ 13 to 10/26

Late Rifle:                  10/27 to 11/5

Late archery:           11/10 to 11/30

 A Landowner Tag can allow access to hunting areas otherwise restricted by private property.   

The Ruby Mountains, during the last several  years, have  provided excellent opportunities on self guided hunts for really good bucks.  The deer numbers are the highest in many years and there is an excellent buck to doe ratio.  The earlier season hunts can be challanging as the good bucks are in batchelor groups on the top of the mountain.

If you’re not a strong hiker an outfitter can take two hunters on a horseback drop camp to the top, with all your own gear, and return, for about $600 each.

Also available are the typical fully guided week long hunts.  Generally these hunts are not available in the middle and late seasons as the weather is too unpredictable.

Here's a nice Ruby Mt buck tagged with a landowner tag in 2010

Of coarse the late rifle season hunts can be less challenging as the bucks pull out of the high country and the rut is active as well.  An early winter can produce great hunting in the low desert country, much of that on the private ranch land.

Basiccally this hunt can be as easy or difficult as you like.

Note: This hunt description was provided by Bob Holm, co-chair of the Livermore-Pleasanton Chapter of MDF. Bob has purchased Nevada landowner tags in the Ruby Mountains and elsewhere.

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