Livermore-Pleasanton MDF 20th Banquet Celebration

It was a celebration and it seemed like everybody was into it.

The colors were presented by Warrior Watch Riders and they led the pledge of allegiance. The crowd remained standing for the “Star Spangled Banner.”

The new MDF video "Born to be Wild" fired up the crowd during dinner.

 I addressed the crowd, which we estimated at just under 250, during dinner and thanked the many committee members, sponsors and donors. Many of the people attending had participated in Livermore-Pleasanton banquets for the entire 20-year history of the event. We had a gun raffle for all former and present committee members. Gary Pacheco, one of five original committee members and former Chapter chair, won the “pick of the herd” rifle – very fitting.

The raffle bin was packed, and we sold every raffle ticket on hand. The MULEY youth rifle raffle sold out in no time.

The raffle flew by and the auction was lively. Our key item of the night, two Nevada Landowner tags in the Ruby Mountains, went well – $5,000 each. Fishing trips, pack trips, a white-tail hunt in Missouri, local youth blacktail hunt  – they all were well recieved and got lots of attention from bidders. I can’t say enough about the support of our chapter members, it was fantastic.


Livermore youth, Brenden Simmons proudly displayed his new deer rifle.

Emmett Burroughs, MDF Founder, attended the event and donated a Lake Shasta fishing trip. Before the dinner, he and Jack Revazza looked over a few of the raffle guns.

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