California Tag Drawing Deadline

The time is upon us for making decisions. June 2 is the deadline for entering the California tag lottery.

With three deer preference points I’m hoping that this with be an “X” Zone year. That’s pretty good standing in the deer category. We put in for an archery hunt as second choice, but hopefully that won’t come into play.

My last X zone hunt produced this buck. If drawn again, should I holder out for something bigger? Good question.

Bought a bear tag and bobcat tag this year. This may be a first for me in the bear and bobcat tagging category, but I think it’s time – dog or not.

Sheep, elk and antelope are all in, but I’ve got one less than the maximum preference points, so my chances could be better. You never know.

Bought a few extra “raffle” chances for deer and elk. You never know, luck could strike.

My personal choice for the elk lottery was the Cache Creek bull elk hunt. Somebody will get it.

I also bought my type “A” season pass for the refuges. Why not get it done early?

As holder of a lifetime hunting license and first deer tag, a couple boxes were automatic. I also get several pig tags as part of the lifetime license program.

Been seeing a few pigs around this year.

Everything arrived in the mail last week. Now it’s time to go through the ticker tape and make sure it’s all there.

Anticipation is part of the fun of hunting.

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