Archery Opener More for the Birds than Bucks

This buck watched as I drove by. He was about 50 yards off the road and was one of five encountered.

On the way to my deer stand, I passed this buck bedded beside the road. This was the closest I came to a buck on Saturday, but I did get some good bird photos, so here they are.

Approaching my tree stand, I pair of bandtail pigeons lifted off from an elderberry tree. I hoped that they would return and present a photo opportunity.

Later I was granted my wish and the two birds landed not more than twelve feet from me and sat there for an hour.

But first a Stellar jay dropped in on me and began to squawk. (You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.)

Stellar jay in flight

The femail pigeon showed off the band for which they are named.

One thought on “Archery Opener More for the Birds than Bucks

  1. Pretty cool Band Tails! And a nice buck as well! Hope you get to harvest a buck you really want. I can’t wait for the general opener. Good luck and looking forward to your post about harvesting your buck.

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