Juvenile Snake

Came upon a snake while hiking last week. One of my experts believes it’s a California yellow-bellied racer.

What do you think? It was less than a foot long and had a turquoise cast to it. In the cool morning air it was inactive.

This snake was quite small and stayed still in the dusty trail.

Big eyes.

One thought on “Juvenile Snake

  1. Yes, it appears to be a yellow-bellied racer. When they are young they have dark blotches on sides and saddled markings on the back similar to a gopher snake. As adults they are usually plain brown, blue-grey, or olive-green to green above and off-white or yellowish below. They are found throughout most of california north and west of the Sierras, and south along the coast to the Baja California border, from sea level to around 7,000 ft. elevation (ref. CaliforniaHerps.com).

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