X12 Deer Hunt Successful

Although the number of hunters was a little higher than hoped for, overall our X-12 deer hunt was a positive experience.

When we found out there would be ten hunters camped on our trail within a quarter-mile of each other, we were a bit discouraged. However, we managed to get along well with our neighbors and minimize interference with each other. A few other hunters wandered into the area as well and after opening day, it became a bit tough to find a buck.

As for me, I set up a spike camp a couple miles away and was fortunate enough to find a decent buck on opening day. Still hunting through fir trees at about 10,000 ft, I surprised a small group of deer that included a 3×4 buck. From 50 yards, I didn’t miss and he went down in a hurry. I was satisfied to be able to hike the mountain and bag a fine buck once more. I never know how many more chances I’ll have. The hiking and climbing was both invigorating and tiring.

Here are a few shots of the hunt.

The X12 deer zone has some of California’s most beautiful wilderness.

The 50 yard quartering away shot hit his heart. Although alerted by other deer, he never saw me. After a run-in with a bear in camp, most of him is now safely in my freezer.

This blonde coyote greeted me with howling at spike camp.

Rob and Joe caught a few nice brook trout in this pond.

Joe and I with a hero shot. Joe’s buck was the best buck taken that I knew of.

Several packers provides services in the X12 area. Two of them are Leavitt Meadows and Virginia Lakes Pack Stations.

4 thoughts on “X12 Deer Hunt Successful

  1. Very nice success! X zones are always fun, I can’t wait to draw x9a.

    Unfortunatly this year I screwed up my quartering away shot on my A-zone buck and didn’t recover him. Time to hit the hills for hogs I guess.


    • Leavitt Meadows Pack Station and Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit are two that I know of. We’ve hired Leavitt Meadows Pack Station to drop us off in the Hoover Wilderness. Kennedy Meadows Pack Station can drop you off on the western edge of X12, but they are not as centrally located for access.


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