Tomorrow the CA F&G Commission will designate the Gray Wolf as a Candidate for the California Endangered Species List

The petition is in and the facts support the fact that the gray wolf was once an inhabitant of California. At this time, there is probably at least one gray wolf in California. Somebody knows for sure.

As a hunter, I have a concern for this action. If the petition were prepared by other hunters, I’d support the move. Because the petition has been produced by anti hunters, I have concern.

We admire and respect wolves because they represent everything we love about hunting and the outdoors. They are one of the supreme hunters among us. They are cunning and overpowering.

Unfortunately, unchecked, they have the ability to destroy our game herds. There seems to be no moderation  of the events surrounding wolves and this is fitting because wolves are not moderate.

An Idaho friend of mine is an elk-hunting fanatic. He owns his own pack string and hunts remote places in the Salmon River Wilderness. He has been a successful elk hunter for many years. About 15 years ago he told me he heard his first wolf  and that hearing that howl “was really cool.”

On this year’s trip, he searched in all the traditional places. And, he found not a single elk. I didn’t ask him about wolves.

I didn’t need to.

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