Two Shell Duck Hunt At San Luis

Number 19 reservation at San Luis. Decided to take advantage of a good opportunity last Wednesday. Arrived in time to be the first at parking lot 1. Walked directly to a good spot on the horrible horseshoe. Fended off a couple guys with headlights so bright I thought they were driving into the marsh. Put out a couple decoys and set up in what appeared to be a good spot.

About fifteen minutes before shooting time, I decided to grab some shells. Reached into my back pack and found – nothing.

I rummaged around in my pack again and came up with two shells, left over from my previous trip. This is the type of beginning to a hunt that can drive a guy crazy. At least I had two shells.

I considered going back to the truck, but if I did, I’d never find my decoys and I didn’t want to carry them out and back. Not only that, but a light fog was settling in making it even more unlikely that I’d ever find this spot again.

I decided to make it a two shot hunt. Maybe I’d get a good crack at something, but you know how it is in the fog. Standing in tules, teal kept passing by in range, but I couldn’t get on them quick enough. And, with only two shells, I didn’t want to waste my chances on poor shots.

After an hour of frustration and declining waterfowl activity, I gave up. Still had two shells.

After reaching the car and grabbing additional shells, I decided to do some scouting. I even found a couple pheasants, but no place worth setting up for ducks.

Turns out it just wasn’t a very good day at San Luis anyway.

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