A Cormorant Study

I’ve historically viewed cormorants as one of the least attractive birds I know. However, lately, I’ve had somewhat of a change of heart. In some situations they are an awesome creature to photograph.

Check out these shots, I took yesterday, and see if you agree.

Cormorants often have a very unique and attractive silouette.

Cormorants often have a very unique and attractive silhouette.

These three cormorants posed for several minutes as I took shot after shot becoming infatuated with their beauty.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

The new Nikon Coolpicks did the job pretty well.

The new Nikon Coolpicks did the job pretty well.

Two cormorants looked pretty good too.

Three was better than two.

Three was better than two.

The silhouette of one bird is still photogenic.

The side view is very nice.

The side view is very nice.

Ultimately, it’s hard to beat three cormorants.

Eough cormorants for one day?

Enough cormorants for one day?




Turkeys Active – Wolf Stakeholder Meeting

Turkey season opens this Saturday (March 30) and the gobblers are gobbling.

I sat on a rise overlooking (and overhearing) a canyon where most of our turkeys live. Gobblers sounded off from several locations. Hoping that this season will provide more action than the past few. I’m planning to be in attendance for the opener.

My new Mathews bow will be with me. I’d better take a few more practice shots.

My iphone says the weather will be rainy. A serious rain could curtail my trip, but it seems unlikely that the rain will fall very hard. We could sure use the rain. Before long it will be too late for this year.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Redding to attend a Wolf Stakeholder meeting. It will be interesting to see how the group reacts to the latest movements by our only wolf (OR7). He headed north (back) into Oregon a few days ago.

New Camera

Purchased a Nikon Cool Picks L810 at Mike’s Camera in Dublin and took it out for a spin yesterday afternoon.

Here’s what I came up with.

This red-tailed hawk landed about 150 yards away.

This red-tailed hawk landed about 150 yards away.

The front view was will poor light. He can see the difference between the first shot and this one.

The front view was will poor light. You can see the difference between the quality of the first shot and this one.

The wild flowers caught my eye.

The wild flowers caught my eye.

Took a quick (camera) shot at this coyote and almost missed from about 100 yards.

Took a quick (camera) shot at this coyote and almost missed from about 100 yards.

This was the first deer of the day and she was followed by two others.

This was the first deer of the day and she was followed by two others. Given the poor light conditions, this photo came out pretty good..

Light was fading when I  spotted this gobbler feeding about 150 yards out.

Light was fading when I spotted this gobbler feeding about 150 yards out.

So far so good. The camera was refurbished so I got it at a favorable price – $129. Hope it keeps working. This camera and a new iPad  Mini will accompany me on a trip to the Galapagos Islands in May. I’m getting ready for action.

What’s a One-Horned Oryx? MDF Livermore-Pleasanton Banquet

A one horned Oryx (aka gemsbok) is simply an oryx that has one horn missing. With only one horn, an oryx is not an attractive trophy, so they are hunted as a “managment” hunt, meaning that they are removed from the herd by hunters who pay a discounted price. I’m told that a taxidermist can recreate the lost horn for a shoulder mount.

Here’s are offering for our March 15, 2013 banquet:

A28     Free Range Mature Broken Horn Oryx Hunting in New Mexico with Armendaris Ranch: The Armendaris Ranch near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico has  generously donated a two-day hunt for a mature broken horn Oryx (gemsbok) for one hunter.  At more than 350,000 acres, the Armendaris Ranch has become synonymous with big Oryx and exciting hunts.  This is one of just a few places in North America where free ranging Oryx may be hunted and entering a chancy public drawing is NOT needed.  Included with this donation is 1×1 guiding, use of hunt vehicle, walk-in cooler if needed and field preparation of the trophy.  Not included are travel expenses to/from the ranch, accommodations, meals or State of New Mexico hunting license/tag fees.  This is a 2 day hunt that is usually completed in the first day due to the population of Oryx on the large private ranch. There is a land owner certificate for the guaranteed tag but the purchaser must purchase the tag from New Mexico Department of Fish and Game.

Here’s a flyer for the banquet: Livermore 2013 flyer

Yes We Have Fishing Too, MDF Livermore-Pleasanton Banquet March 15.

How about salmon fishing in Alaska: The winning bidder of this awesome Alaskan fishing adventure will enjoy four (4) full days of
covering two (2) trips for salmon on the Kenai and the Kasilof rivers. Your river fishing will take place from drift and power boats, followed
up by one (1) full day of salt water fishing for halibut, and what better way to complete an Alaskan fishing adventure than to spend a full day on a fly out
salmon fishing trip to either the Kustatan for Silver Salmon or Wolverine Creek for Sockeye Salmon & Bear viewing. Included in this trip are full
accommodations and meals while on this Adventure, along with all transportation while moving between fishing areas. This trip may be upgraded for additional
days of lodging and fishing and the winning bidder may add additional guests to join him or her by making arrangements with Steve. DONATED BY: STEVE
TAORMINA OF KENAI LEGENDS FISHING http://www.kenailegendsfishing.com/

Or your choice of salmon or trout fishing for four on the Sacramento River with Scott Kenyon’s guide service.  Fully donated by Scott Kenyon. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Kenyons-Guide-Service/207934385930044

Or, trout fishing at Lake Margaret for four people, three days and two nights. A boat is provided as well.  Fully donated by Wilderness Unlimited. http://www.wildernessunlimited.com/

Here’s a link to a flyer:Livermore 2013 flyer

Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

In one night, the MDF and SFW auction grossed over one million three hundred thousand dollars in revenue. Most of this money will benefit conservation programs.

It was quite a night. After the Antelope Island mule deer tag sold for $310,000 at the Friday night auction, the Antelope Island California Bighorn Sheep tag sold for $70,000. That’s right, sheep tags and mule deer tags are both in demand.

Here are a few views of the event.

Keynote Speaker Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre resized

MDF President Miles Moretti and his wife Julie were on hand.

Miles and Julie Moretti resized

The Oak Ridge Boys showed up

Oak Ridge Boys resizedAnd, the auction action was fast and furious:

auction action resized

Youth Blacktail Deer Hunt at MDF Livermore-Pleasanton Banquet, March 15

The Holm Ranch has graciously donated a, 16 and under, youth deer hunt for 2013. Every youth hunter to date has taken a buck on this hunt, which takes place about ten mile east of Livermore.

This 2000+ acre ranch is loaded with deer and occasionally a pig as well, so the hunter should make sure he or she has a tag for both.

The hunt generally

Emilee and her dad, Greg Selna - 2010.

Emilee Selna and her dad, Greg Selna with a Holm Ranch buck taken in 2010.

takes place in late August or early September.

Ruby Mountains Drop Camp Offered at MDF Livermore-Pleasanton March 15

Here you go. Purchase this drop camp offering and use it to hunt high during the early deer seasons. This is a perfect fit with archery deer hunting in the Ruby Mountains.

Drop Camp on Top of the Ruby Mountains

Hidden Lake Outfitters will take you and a friend to the campsite of your choice, and back, with all your gear. Your trip can be to the top of the Ruby Mountains in Elko County, Nevada,  between July 1st and Oct 15th.

The outfitters will provide one saddle horse and one pack horse per person.  This is the area of the world famous Ruby Crest Trail.  You have your choice of alpine lake fishing or hunting. This offering encompasses time periods that include, archery, muzzleloader, and early rifle deer seasons.

If you are up for a unique challenge, you can hunt the Himalayan Snowcock. The Rubies are the only place in the United States where the mountain dwelling bird can be hunted.

Your packer, Henry Krenka, has been outfitting and guiding in this country for years and has agreed to make this offer good for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons to increase the chance that the high bidder can obtain a deer tag through the Nevada draw system.

Henry is also ready to assist you in acquiring a tag through the guide draw system or locating a landowner deer tag.  Hunt, fish or hike, this will be an unforgettable trip.

Livermore 2013 flyer

Here's a nice Ruby Mt buck tagged with a landowner tag in 2010

Here’s a nice Ruby Mt buck tagged with a landowner tag in 2010

Want to Go To Africa?

Maybe it’s time. MDF Livermore-Pleasanton will have a trip to Africa in the Live Auction this Friday night.

Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris, with camps in South Africa and Namibia has donated a seven-day hunt which includes $1,000 credit towards trophy fees.

Go to www.africatrophyhunting.com and read about them.

Do your homework before the dinner, or you’ll have a hard time making a decision.

Here are the hunt donation forms for South Africa and Namibia: Donations SCI SA Nam13

Here is a list of trophy fees: trophy fees

I purchased my trip to South Africa at an MDF event. It’s a bit of a leap, but we’ll have a representative on hand at the dinner to explain the details.

Here’s a flyer. Only a few days left.

Livermore 2013 flyer

Billingsley Tire Donates Pig Hunt for March 15 MDF Banquet in Livermore

How do like this? We needed a pig hunt to round out our auction for the Livermore-Pleasanton MDF banquet, so Tom Billingsley of Billingsley Tire in Lemoore and Coalinga, purchased a pig hunt from Hogs Wild Ranch and donated it MDF. This is a two-day pig hunt for one person with overnight lodging.

Maybe you can find one this big!

Maybe you can find one this big!

Check it out.

Here’s some info from the Hogs Wild website: www.hogswild.com

We’ve got California wild pig hunting at its finest! Located 17 miles west of  Coalinga, CA, in the coastal mountains. We offer bow hunting and rifle hunting
for trophy wild boars. Our hunts are self guided hunts or semi guided drop camp  style. We have two comfortable hunting cabins with beds, bathrooms, and showers.”

There’s a lot more to read at the web site, so go and read it for yourself.

For a banquet flyer, click on this link: Livermore 2013 flyer