Ruby Mountains Drop Camp Offered at MDF Livermore-Pleasanton March 15

Here you go. Purchase this drop camp offering and use it to hunt high during the early deer seasons. This is a perfect fit with archery deer hunting in the Ruby Mountains.

Drop Camp on Top of the Ruby Mountains

Hidden Lake Outfitters will take you and a friend to the campsite of your choice, and back, with all your gear. Your trip can be to the top of the Ruby Mountains in Elko County, Nevada,  between July 1st and Oct 15th.

The outfitters will provide one saddle horse and one pack horse per person.  This is the area of the world famous Ruby Crest Trail.  You have your choice of alpine lake fishing or hunting. This offering encompasses time periods that include, archery, muzzleloader, and early rifle deer seasons.

If you are up for a unique challenge, you can hunt the Himalayan Snowcock. The Rubies are the only place in the United States where the mountain dwelling bird can be hunted.

Your packer, Henry Krenka, has been outfitting and guiding in this country for years and has agreed to make this offer good for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 seasons to increase the chance that the high bidder can obtain a deer tag through the Nevada draw system.

Henry is also ready to assist you in acquiring a tag through the guide draw system or locating a landowner deer tag.  Hunt, fish or hike, this will be an unforgettable trip.

Livermore 2013 flyer

Here's a nice Ruby Mt buck tagged with a landowner tag in 2010

Here’s a nice Ruby Mt buck tagged with a landowner tag in 2010

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