Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

In one night, the MDF and SFW auction grossed over one million three hundred thousand dollars in revenue. Most of this money will benefit conservation programs.

It was quite a night. After the Antelope Island mule deer tag sold for $310,000 at the Friday night auction, the Antelope Island California Bighorn Sheep tag sold for $70,000. That’s right, sheep tags and mule deer tags are both in demand.

Here are a few views of the event.

Keynote Speaker Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre resized

MDF President Miles Moretti and his wife Julie were on hand.

Miles and Julie Moretti resized

The Oak Ridge Boys showed up

Oak Ridge Boys resizedAnd, the auction action was fast and furious:

auction action resized

2 thoughts on “Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

  1. I would have gone except for Lapierre. The NRA represents gun manufacturers and off-road vehicles, not sound science-based game mgmt.

    • Off road vehicles? game management? The NRA lobbies for the right of individuals to own firearms.

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