Spring Photo Shoot at Mayberry

Looped around the perimeter of Mayberry last Saturday. Because our property is permanent marsh, most of the wildlife is just across the drainage canal on the grazing ground.

White-front geese stage at Sherman Island and it looks like they are about ready to head north.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

DSC_0477 white front geese

Not sure why this single spec didn’t take off with his brethren, but he eventually flew off to join them.

DSC_0465 white-front gooseAs I watched some waterfowl, waiting for a good photo opportunity, I heard a splash in the canal next to me. Figuring it was river otters, I paused before turning to look. When I did, it was just in time to see a coyote dog-shaking to get the water off his back.

DSC_0503 coyoteThe coyote was nearly hidden by the tall growth.

DSC_0504 coyote sneakingLola was very excited to be back in her element.

DSC_0487 Lola arrivingA horned owl, rested in a willow tree until Lola scared him off.

DSC_0511 great horned owlA red-tailed hawk took off from the field across the canal.

DSC_0513 red-tailed hawkLola jumped up a rooster.

DSC_0518 roosterRed-wing blackbirds were displaying.

DSC_0521 red-wing blackbirdDSC_0530 goats of Mayberry

The goats of Mayberry were back, cleaning up the vegetation on the levee. Hope they left enough cover for the pheasants to nest.

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