Tom’s Tom

We had hunted the morning, in a location about two miles to the north, but nothing showed. About 11:30 AM we shifted to a spot where a gobbler had been hanging out. After about 30 minutes of sparse calling, a gobbler sounded off from behind us. I suggested to Tom that he turn to prepare for an approach from that direction.

Within a minute, a second gobbler appeared and fanned out about 150 yards away in the opposite direction from the first gobble. Tom managed to scoot around just as a hen turkey passed by at ten yards. The strutting bird couldn’t resist following the hen and soon Tom had his chance.

My heart sank after the gobbler took off at a fast walk. Fortunately he didn’t last long, and Tom caught up with him as he dropped and rolled down the hillside a few yards before coming to rest on a level spot.

It was a great ending to turkey season.

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