Wolves Are Not People

Here’s a copy of an email report from the Center for Biological Diversity:

Cruel Trap Kills Sister of Wandering Wolf OR-7

We just learned that the sister of Oregon’s renowned canine adventurer OR-7, the first wild gray wolf to set foot in California in nearly 90 years, has been killed.

OR-5, a 3-year-old member of Oregon’s Imnaha pack, died in a painful foothold trap in Idaho on March 30, the next-to-last day of the Idaho trapping season. The Imnaha
pack is quickly diminishing: In addition to the loss of OR-5, the pack’s OR-9 wolf was shot last year by an Idaho man under an expired hunting license. And  OR-16, of the Wenaha pack, was shot earlier this year while trotting along an Idaho ridgetop.

The latest wolf deaths come just as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service readies a plan to remove Endangered Species Act protections for wolves across much of the rest of the lower 48, including the Northwest, California, southern Rocky Mountains and Northeast, where wolves are just beginning to recover. The Center for Biological Diversity — the only group fighting for wolves across the lower 48 — will continue opposing efforts to pull the plug on wolf recovery. 

Pets are awarded names because they have a relationship with people, but wild animals are better off unnamed – even if it’s only a number. Wolves have a serious impact upon other wildlife and humans. They need to be managed.

Humanizing them is not helpful.

One thought on “Wolves Are Not People

  1. Managing by emotion instead of science is the problem here. Wolf advocates should be glad when they are taken of the ES list. If wolves become a valued hunting animal, they are ensured survival.

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