2013 Hunting Season Taking Shape

Looks like antelope, mule deer, blacktailed deer and elk will all be on the menu for 2013.

Of course, there are the usual problems to overcome. Other obligations can get in the way. I’ll be moving across town in September, so time will be precious.

I’m drawn for archery antelope in Nevada, unit 141 and for rifle antelope in Colorado. Never bagged an antelope, so this will be something new for me. I can already envision a couple ponds in 141 that may work for my pop-up blind. I’ve never been to the antelope unit in CO. The hunt will be in units 4 and 5 near the Wyoming border. Should be a good opportunity.

I’ve signed up for a guided mule deer and elk hunt in Montana with Montana Safaris, Rocky Heckman. That will take place in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in early November. Of course we’ll hunt the ranch locally for blacktails. I’ll have an A tag and an AO tag. Purchased a CA bear tag again this year, but don’t know if I’ll get a chance to use it.

That’s a lot of hunting, so I don’t know if it will all come to fruition, but I’ll be trying. Should be plenty to write about.

Of course a big part of hunting is anticipation and the anticipation is happening big time now.

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