Craig, Colorado – A Place for Hunters

When I put in for a Colorado antelope tag, I chose  units 4&5 because that particular hunt was available to me with the number of preference points I had stored up. Turns out there are other good reasons to hunt this unit. One of them is that it’s near Craig Colorado.

Called the Chamber of Commerce, and they knew more about hunting around Craig than most department of wildlife people in other states. Before I hung up the phone I had maps, a list of public places to hunt, links to several private land opportunities and an open invitation to check in any time for more info.

At this point my concerns about finding an antelope buck are alleviated.

And, I realized that I have a personal contact that I’d forgotten about. Willie White of the Craig Wild Bunch has supported our Livermore MDF Chapter and I almost forgot to call him.

Fortunately, he is listed with the Craig Chamber of Commerce and now I’m waiting for a call back. Actually sat with Willie at our fundraiser a couple years back and we had a great time.

It’s a small world out there.

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