A-Zone Archery Opens Tomorrow

I’ll be there, bow in hand, but I’m still not sure where there is.

It could be in my tree stand overlooking a waterhole on the northeast end of our ranch. Or, it could be in my ground blind next to a different pond in the center of our ranch.

Or, I may end up glassing and scoping a large canyon where several bucks have been hanging out.

The weather will be moderate, but will probably reach a high of about 90. Wind direction will be a consideration. It was swirling yesterday when I scouted out the various locations. Didn’t see any bucks, but I know they were there. Did see a couple does, but they were laying low.

My bow is ready, but not perfect. I’ve got issues with my new site, but I can work that out. My shooting range will be limited this weekend. I don’t plan on shooting further than 30 yards anyway.

It will be nice to get outside and spend some quite time watching wildlife, even if the bucks don’t materialize.

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