Dick Marciel and Fritz Shield

Received this message from Doug Vieyra, who was friends with both Dick Marciel and Fritz Shield, two men who (at different times)Image occupied the cabin on Wauhab Ridge, a cabin that we currently own.

“I spent many an hour in the old ‘out house’, reading an old Sears Roebuck catalog.  We had an open bag of lye on the floor and there was not much usage of the ‘out house’, so it never really smelled particularly bad.  Sticky Fly Strips hung down to keep the flies and yellow jackets manageable.  The big barn next to it, across from the cabin, housed Fritz’s pigeons – he loved eating squab, so I had to do a regular harvesting for him.  The barn also housed his two Ford Model A’s – one a ’30 Coupe, and the other a ’31 Coupe,  and one Jeep.  A fellow named “Johnny Horse-Killer” (he worked in a slaughter house) often delivered food and supplies to the place and helped in other ways.  So one day Fritz gave Johnny Horse-Killer one of his Ford Model As.  I’m not sure what happened to the other.  I always wanted it, but one day it was gone, I know not where.

The care-taker / ranch foreman of the Harry Rowell ranch, further up the road (at the end, actually) Manuel Reese took over keeping an eye on Fritz, taking over for Johnny “Horse-Killer” job, keeping Fritz in supplies, etc.

Our water supply was (like most of the cabins in those hills) outside, in an open sink on the front porch.  One day the house got plumbed for water inside, but it was never hooked up while I lived there.  Fritz talked about having it hooking it up “someday” – I imagine it has been done by now.

Another famous hombre that fell into local lore, was the notorious outlaw Joaquin Marietta.  Most everyone back in those hills in the early days were either Portuguese or Mexican (Californios, actually), so there was a lot of fraternization.  Joaquin caused no trouble to the hill people so he was not reported to the authorities, and did spend some time hiding out amongst the friendly ranchers.”

Doug Vieyra,  Curator / InnKeeper
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