Dog Tales

One-dog man climbs hiking trail and hears a woman’s voice above him.

“My dogs aren’t social,” says two-dog woman.

“OK,” replies one-dog man, “I’ll hold my dog here while you pass.”

“That’s my trail,” answers scowling two-dog woman, “I made it.”

“OK,” replies one-dog man, “I’ll go around you.”


Same day, different trail.

One-dog-white-dog man sees black-dog woman approaching with three young children.

White dog runs to greet black dog. Black-dog child yells, “Stop!”

White dog stops and black dog approaches. They begin to sniff each other. Black dog and white dog smile.

Black-dog woman says, “Can they pet your dog?”

One-dog-white-dog man replies, “Yes.”

Children and dogs smile.

Three-child-black-dog mother says, “Tell the man thank you.”

Children chorus, “Thank you.”

One-dog man says, “You’re welcome.”

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