Sighted In

I guess I’m ready. I may never switch loads again. If the 180 grain Barns X bullet works out, I may use it from now on and hunt with my 7×57 for blacktail. I’m sighted dead on at 100 yards. That should put me in the game for any reasonable distance without much holdover.

Gun ranges are not fun. Soooo many rules and I hate being told that I’m doing something wrong. The range master at the Livermore-Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club range today was a reasonable guy and didn’t give me too much trouble, but how can you go to the range and not do something wrong? At least I’m done with that for now. Fifteen shells left in the box for Montana. Hopefully two will be enough. One for mule deer and one for elk.

Looking forward to hunting  with Rocky Heckman of Montana Safaris and my good friend Scott Stouder who will be picking me up in Great Falls Sunday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Sighted In

  1. I’m sticking with the same bullet as well. I too disdain gun ranges (shared ones that is) Much prefer solitude when shooting and not feeling rushed. I look forward to your trip writings.

  2. Hey Rich, try target shooting at the BLM Panoche hills down by Firebaugh. I know its a bit far but no range master telling you what you’re doing wrong. Lots and lots of open country, and you can set up your targets for hundreds of yards. My go to place when I want to practice long range shots. Best of luck!

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