Cold Weather Should Produce Good Waterfowl Opportunity

Received a call from a friend in Klamath Falls, Oregon, yesterday. He said the temp was 20 below. Oregon holds lots of ducks until a big freeze happens. Some years it never happens.

This is good news for duck and goose hunters as waterfowl has to move when the temps drop. I’d imagine that this will be one of the better duck hunting weeks of the season, with new birds moving in from the north.

When new birds move in, it takes them a while to learn safe areas, giving duck hunters a chance to bag some birds before then learn to congregate in protected areas. on Saturday I hunted Webb Tract, primarily for geese and there were plenty of them around. The first couple hours were hectic and I bagged on specklebelly before the action slowed – should have had a couple more, but as is often the case, I muffed a couple chances and missed on a few shots.

As the wind picked up, the birds used their ability to stay just on the edge of range to their advantage and I missed shots and passed up other shots that I should have taken, but that’s waterfowl hunting.

I plan on being out there this week. Don’t miss out on this type of opportunity – it may warm up and leave us wishing we’d been out there while it lasted.

2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Should Produce Good Waterfowl Opportunity

  1. Hey Rich.
    Clark Mello here from Fresno (friend of Dave Hill).

    We hunted on Twitchell Island December 7 on the DFG draw hunt. The weather we expected never materialized. Plenty of geese around; all 150 yards high.

    We did OK, not great. Six ducks and one Aleutian goose between 3 of us.
    Hope you are well. Say hi to Rob.

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