Christmas at Our House

Christmas at our house is much like many others, but the influence of duck season is probably quite a bit more evident. Most of the presents I hand out to the males of the family have a strong tie to  hunting – especially duck hunting as that’s what’s going on.

This year I not only purchased a couple ducks calls to give away, but also dug up a few of my used calls to hand out as well. I’d rather give them to relatives than sell them cheap at a garage sale.

A new hunting vest and a couple hunting books will be handed out as well.

MDF provided an item. I couldn’t afford to give anybody a new rifle, so instead I’m giving out raffle tickets with a  1/100 chance to win a new rifle. Maybe one of my family will win, but they won’t find out until our March 14th fundraiser.

Not only do gifts enter into the equation, but so does duck hunting itself. Although my wife, Linda, is not keen about it, the 26th is a traditional duck day in our family. This year four of the family will be out in the field on the day after Chrismas. My son-in-law is our newest hunter. Brett bagged a blacktail last August, but he’s still looking to bag his first duck or goose.

And, we all are praying for healthy new duck hunter as my daughter, Betsy, is expecting a new hunter to arrive any day.  We know the baby will be a boy and I bet he’ll be a duck hunter.

This is definitely a special Christmas.


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