2014 Hunting Season Taking Shape

Applied for California tags yesterday, at the deadline. I was feeling so satisfied with my projected hunting season, that I didn’t apply for a deer tag other that buying two tags for the local blacktail deer zone. (A Zone)

With an antelope archery hunt in August, archery and rifle blacktail hunts this summer, a muzzleloader mule deer hunt in September and a deer/elk Montana hunt in November, I’ll be busy enough with hunting to keep my wife up at night. She’s not that excited about it.

When duck hunting is taken into account, it will be a very busy fall and winter.

Decided to set up guides for all three of my out-of-state hunts this fall. Since I’ll be traveling alone, it will be nice to have company. The Nevada desert is a lonely place for the solo hunters as I found out last year on my antelope hunt. And, having a guide will get me onto animals sooner with less trouble and packing less gear.

I just sent my deposit for the deer hunt to Hidden Lake Outfitters. The deer hunt will last for about 5 days and we’ll be up high in the Ruby Mountains.

In contrast, the antelope will start on August 1 and take place in the desert heat. I’ve not put down my deposit on that yet, but it will happen soon.

The Montana deer/elk hunt has been scheduled for a while and it will happen on ridge tops in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with  Montana Safaris.

Now it’s time to shoot my bow, clean the muzzleloader and put up my new tree stand at the ranch.

Applying for elk, antelope and bighorn sheep in California was an afterthought. What will I do if I draw one of those tags? Not thinking about that and the odds are extremely low.

Anticipation is key to the enjoyment of hunting. I’m sure glad I retired last month.

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