Just In from the Center for Biological Diversity

“Huge news out of California today: The state wildlife commission just protected wolves under the state Endangered Species Act.

Today’s decision is the culmination of years of work by the Center, sparked by the arrival of wolf OR-7 in California in December 2011.

The timing couldn’t be better. Just hours before the commission’s decision, it was confirmed that OR-7 had pups in southern Oregon — a sign that this once-lone wolf is now establishing himself as a resident of the area, including Northern California.

This exciting win wouldn’t have happened without your thousands of letters, phone calls, trips to rallies and generous donations to our Predator Defense Fund.

We knew it would be an uphill climb when we filed our petition to protect wolves in California in February 2012, but there was no other choice: If these expanding wolf populations were going to survive, they’d need protection from guns and traps.

Today’s decision opens a new chapter in the history of wolf recovery in America. It ensures that California, where there’s plentiful wolf habitat, will provide a safe haven for wolf families like the one OR-7 just started.

We know it won’t be long before the howl of wolves, silenced in California for nearly a century, will be heard there once more.

Thank you from all of us at the Center. This is a sweet victory that couldn’t have happened without you.


Kier’an Suckling”


Kier’an is wrong about one thing, it surely could have been done without me. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is an expert at listing species and in the long run, listed or not, wolves were going to inhabit California again. I’m not worried about wolves.

I am worried about the State’s deer and elk populations. Wolves are now protected, but in order to truly protect wolves, deer and elk need protection. Not from human hunters or wolves, but from loss of habitat. Now that wolves are listed, the Governor needs to fund a massive campaign to create and protect habitat for deer and elk. If Governor Brown and the California legislature really want wolves, then it’s time to pay up.

For years California hunters have carried the burden for deer and elk. Now it’s time for others to join in. No net loss of deer and elk needs to be the cry. Wolves or not, deer and elk are a valuable commodity cherished by California conservationists in a way the CBD does not comprehend.

And, CBD needs to put their money where there mouth is. Fund habitat. That’s what MDF, RMEF, CDA, CWA, DU, WSF, NWTF, QU, PF , SCI and other wildlife organizations do. They do it with hunters dollars not lawyers.

Now comes the task of figuring out what the listing really means. For sure, one thing it means is we need more deer and elk in California.

Will tule elk be impacted by wolves?

Will tule elk be impacted by wolves?



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