A-Zone Opener

We were in position. That is, my son-in-law Brett and myself were in position to shoot a buck on opening morning. We were on a rise overlooking one of our watered ponds and a three-point buck was coming towards the pond. As the buck approached, I told Brett the words he did not want to hear.

Hey Brett, I whispered, “This is a buck that we’re not going to shoot this year.”

For a moment he thought I was kidding, but I wasn’t. The buck was a young three-point buck that was not a trophy, but it was the kind of buck we wanted to keep around to see if he might become one. It wasn’t my idea, in fact it was the idea of our biologist, Joe. He suggested that by not shooting the young three point bucks, we’d probably keep them around until they became true trophies and in the meantime, they’d get a chance to add to our gene pool, which was flooded by fork-horn bucks.

A spike followed the three-point. We had both types of non-shooters in front of us.

Of course this meant that we would go the rest of the day without seeing a buck, which was the case. So, on Sunday morning we opted to head to a high point where we would be able to see more deer and that we did.

On the way, we had a nice view of the setting moon and massive fog bank that was covering the East Bay Area.

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