Glorious Duck Hunting

Finally. The kind of duck hunting we look forward to, but can never count on.

Over the weekend, the Delta duck hunting exploded. Pintail were the main stay and my hunting partner and I got our birds, but we also picked up three specs, a green-head and a couple spoonies. But, it wasn’t the number of ducks on the strap that made the hunting great. It was the consistent presence of uncountable numbers of waterfowl that made our days.

At the end of the first day of hunting, the evening brought in incredible flocks of birds. Every kind imaginable, but the mainstay was pintail.

On Wednesday, my friend and blind mate down in the grasslands reported that he killed a limit of pintails and teal in about an hour. Looks like we’re hitting the waterfowl jackpot.

While cleaning my birds yesterday afternoon, I could see that they have very little body fat left which means they’ll be hungry for a while. With luck, the good hunting will persist until the end of the season.

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