Last-Day Banded Mallard

Lighting struck twice on the last two weekends of duck season.

The last duck of the season for me was a green head that came in with several other mallards about noon on the last day of the season.

He was almost directly over my decoys and just in front of me when my shot hit him hard. I called to Lola and she retrieved the bird. I could see the sun glistening off the band as she carried it back to her perch in the cattails.

Here's a selfie of me and the band.

Here’s a selfie of me and the banded bird.

Last days are often eventful and this one was for sure.

The bird was banded near Tulelake in July 2014. It hatched in 2013 or earlier.

This is the second time I’ve ended the duck season with a banded mallard as the last bird taken.

One thought on “Last-Day Banded Mallard

  1. Beautiful~ Nothing like getting a banded bird, especially a mallard and the last hunt of the season! Frank got 3 this season; but the club was low on mallards this year. Ton’s of teal! Although the season go off to a bad start, (our club delayed shoots until first weekend in Nov.) Frank’s count was the same as last year! Good limits, good times! Next weekend, youth shoot; then clean up time!! Until next season……(:

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