Last Day Misstep

The last hunt of the season was over.  My duck boat and decoy sled were in tow and the rope holding them was in my left hand.

My wading stick was in the boat instead of my right hand where I usually keep it.

I was riding a high. One more decoy to pick up and the 2014/15 duck season would be complete. One more step….whoops.

I had overlooked one thing. I was hunting a lake and forgot that maybe it might be a bit deeper over there. It wasn’t just that it was so deep, but also slippery on the bottom. That last step put my right foot on a slippery slope and down I went – swimming.

Wet from head to toe, I reached for the bottom and pushed myself to the surface – getting my feet under me.

My thoughts:

1. “Now that was stupid!” was my first thought.

2. “Boy that water is sure salty was my second.”

3.”Wonder if it got my cell phone?” was my third.

4.”Just how salty was that water?”

The answers: 1. It sure was. 2. Yes it was salty.  3. Yes it did ruin my phone. 4. Better go to school.

Needless to say, I was eager to get back to my truck. That bag of clothes set aside specifically for this situation was a god send.

But, the taste of that salt water hung over me on the way home. How salty was it? Was that water as salty as the ocean?

This morning curiosity got the better of me and I set out to figure just how salty the water was. I now realize that this is the billion dollar question. My initial efforts to figure this out have produced more information than I’m able to process.

So let’s just say that this is fodder for some 2015 research. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with some meaningful answers. Just enough to clear the fog.

In the meantime I won’t be wading without my stick. And, I won’t be calling anybody until after I get a new phone or my current phone decides to start working.

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