Hunting Season is Near

Didn’t get drawn for moose in Idaho, so I’ll be heading to BC in September to hunt mountain goat and mule deer.

The primary target will be goats, but if we get a chance to stalk a good mule deer buck, we will and if we finish early on the goats, we’ll focus on mule deer for the remainder of the hunt.

Goat and mule deer hunting season in BC starts on the first of September. We’ll be hunting high country. My guide, Kiff Covert, expects that there will be a sizable number of goats in the area we’re hunting, so finding goats may not be a problem. The key will be getting a good shot. It will require some climbing so I’ll be staying in the best shape possible this summer.

Purchased some items in preparation for hunting this season. One of them is a Quigley-Ford rifle scope. Sighted it in this past weekend and it s beautiful. Next stop will be some shooting at the ranch. I’ve also purchased some accessories that should be helpful – a tripod shooting rest and a Leica rangefinder. Now I’ve got to figure out how far is close enough. At age 65, I’m not as good with a rifle as I was a few years ago, but practice will certainly help.

The Quigley-Ford scope was easy to get on target. It is a 5-20 power variable scope.I’ve never owned anything like it. I’m now set up about 1 1/2 inches high at 100 yards shooting 165 grain Barnes X-bullets. The cartridge is advertised at 3130 feet per second out of my Winchester model 70 .300 WSM. If all goes well, I should be able to cover some ground

I’m also hoping to get drawn for a September/October mule deer tag in California, but the odds are not with me. November I’ll be hunting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness for the third year in a row. I’d really like to bring home a nice buck from that wilderness area.

Of course there will be blacktail hunting on our ranch, but deer numbers are pathetic. I’m not overly optimistic about chances of getting an arrow-shot at a nice buck. The rifle season won’t be easy either. Of the 20 ponds on our ranch, 18 of them went dry last fall. I’ve not seen a legal buck on our 1920 acre ranch this spring.

Don’t know how many years of mountain hunting I have left, so I’ll be trying to make the most of my time this fall.

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