Duck Opener OK

Saturday in the Grasslands was a typical opening day. Ducks were plentiful for a couple hours. Most of the hunters bagged limits or near limits. If you weren’t picky about the species, you probably shot seven birds.

My partner and I tried hard to shoot only pintail and teal, and so we did. Although I also shot a ringneck, which I consider a good eating bird. I’ll have a chance to confirm that opinion again soon.

We came in with 11 birds after a morning hunt. During the last couple hours the action slowed to a trickle.

The Sunday shoot produced few limits and a lot less birds generally. My partner, Tom, and I came in with six teal, one credited to Lola’s nose as she pulled one out of the tules on the way in.

Heading out again tomorrow morning, but expectations are not great.

Other reports were that the hunting was average to below. With more water and better weather conditions, things will improve. In the meantime I’m preparing for my Montana deer and elk hunt. Leaving Sunday.

One thought on “Duck Opener OK

  1. Same results at the Hollister! It was a pleasant surprise due to the lack of water..but yes, it will slow down now. good time to go deer hunting!!

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