Ducks on the Move

Yesterday was a moving day. At the Kerry Club, near Gustine, waterfowl were stacking up in areas not hunted.

The Volta closed zone was loaded with mallards and teal. Pintail were rafting up on the open water.

A week of relatively cold weather and approaching stormy weather was having it’s affect.

Around a pond at the Wente golf course, south of Livermore, wigeon numbers were up.

On Arroyo Del Valle creek below the dam at Del Valle Reservoir, more than 50 mallards were packed in at the bridge crossing where generally there are only one or two pairs.

Aleutian Geese, usually the first to arrive, are stacked up on Delta islands.

On the way back from the ranch this morning, I noticed that some of the stock ponds were loaded with waterfowl. It’s that time of year. Hunting should be good – at least for a while. two groups of circling ducks on Wente pond

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