Delta Scenes on Webb Tract

The winter scenes I see in the Delta are mostly about waterfowl. Webb Tract is home to many thousands of waterfowl in winter. Aleutian geese,  white-front geese and snow geese are most common.

gaggle of geese

(Click to enlarge.)

Sandhill cranes were fairly uncommon 35 years ago, they now are very numerous.

sandhill cranes

Ducks were the most common waterfowl inhabitants, habitat change has reduced their numbers today. Corn fields and sand hills are most attractive to geese, especially white-front geese, often called speckle-belly geese.

resting specks

Tundra swans were numerous 30 years ago and since declined, but the last couple years they seem to be making a comeback in the delta.

tundra swans

Yesterday was a quite day. No shots were heard on my visit. Except for a few birds here and there in the air, the birds were on the ground, avoiding the wind. I few flocks of geese, that objected to the presence of my pickup, took to the sky for a few minutes and then landed.


2 thoughts on “Delta Scenes on Webb Tract

  1. Always enjoy your pictures. Part of hunting is the beauty of nature around you.
    The hunting has been surprisingly great at the Hollister club..with the drought, we were not expecting much; less water etc. But my husband has limited every shoot..not tons of Mallards but good size birds. Enjoy your Christmas!

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