Afternoon Shoot

Wednesday was supposed to be a late arrival hunt, with my blind partner Tom Billingsley meeting me at the Kerry club about 8 AM.

Unfortunately, I remembered late that I had an appointment for 10 AM that Wednesday. I don’t normally schedule Wednesday appointments, but wasn’t planning to hunt until the day before.

Oh well, I called Tom and told him I’d have to hunt later. He went out to a vacated blind and limited in what must have been less than an hour as he called me back to report his  success about 8:30 AM.

At 10:30 I hopped into my truck and I was in the blind by about 1 PM. The club was vacant. Birds were rafted up in several areas and a brisk wind was still blowing out of the east.

For a while I passed on teal while waiting for a pintail. After a drake sprig finally came in, I missed a shot that was just a bit far – making me wish I’d waited a bit longer.

Then some teal came in close and I doubled. I was shooting my grandfather’s Remington SPORTSMAN 48 (semi-automatic). I really like it for ducks. Using #4 shot it’s deadly on decoying birds and it seems to fit me well.

Grandpa Fletcher put poly chokes on all our shotguns when I was about 12 years old and the Remington’s choke seems to work fine. For steel shot I set the choke at improved cylinder.

Once again I settled in to wait for pintail and finally one flew directly over and I dropped it. The pintail were being cautious.

So it went for the next hour and after shooting a gadwall by mistake, I finished out with my fifth teal. I’m not a fan of gadwall as I don’t like their taste – and I don’t know why anybody would.

On the way in, Lola posed for a picture with the ducks. She’s a bit camera shy.

Lola and limit 1-6-16


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