Snake Den

While touring the ranch with a friend, I suggested that we check out a known rattle snake den. April and May are good months to observe snakes and the most interesting spot is at the den site where large rattlers hang out together – warming themselves and (I imagine) doing what snakes do to propagate.

A perfect snake den has a southern exposure, large rocks with cracks, brush and is often surrounded by ground squirrel colonies. The rock pile in the photo below is a perfect site.

IMG_1941 snake den

DSC_0373 rattler at den 2016

In the above photo you can see a light colored snake and part of a darker snake laying next to it.

DSC_0371 rattlers at den 2016

In the next photo (above) you can clearly see both snakes. These are large rattlers. Didn’t want to mess with them as they get very testy if you disturb them. I get nervous when they get nervous.

Eagle and Ravens

On the way home from the ranch last week, I spotted two ravens and something else in the grass about 150 yards off the road. I figured it might be something interesting so I began taking photos before I’d identified the target.

Turns out it was a golden eagle guarding a ground squirrel that it had just killed.

eagle and ravens on squirrel carcass DSC_0207 cropped

Eventually the eagle spotted my truck and got nervous. He took off with the squirrel in his grasp, but it wasn’t long before he dropped it.

I snapped a  couple shots as he flew by.

eagle in flight DSC_0211[1] cropped

I felt bad that he left his meal behind, but I’m sure the ravens made short work of it.


Photos of the Week

Here are a few of the best photos of the past week.

Ran into some great wildflowers at the ranch and photographed a horned lark surrounded by wildflowers. The light could have been better, but here is what I got.horned lark singing and wildflowers DSC_0181 cropped

lark bee and wildflowers DSC_0199 cropped

In the second photo a bee jumped in.

Spotted an eagle and red-tailed hawk soaring together. The red-tail was harassing the eagle.

eagle and redtail DSC_0168eagle and redtail DSC_0169 cropped

Here’s a blowup which demonstrates how much larger an eagle is than a red-tail.

Got a couple good turkey photos today. Here’s one of them.