Snake Den

While touring the ranch with a friend, I suggested that we check out a known rattle snake den. April and May are good months to observe snakes and the most interesting spot is at the den site where large rattlers hang out together – warming themselves and (I imagine) doing what snakes do to propagate.

A perfect snake den has a southern exposure, large rocks with cracks, brush and is often surrounded by ground squirrel colonies. The rock pile in the photo below is a perfect site.

IMG_1941 snake den

DSC_0373 rattler at den 2016

In the above photo you can see a light colored snake and part of a darker snake laying next to it.

DSC_0371 rattlers at den 2016

In the next photo (above) you can clearly see both snakes. These are large rattlers. Didn’t want to mess with them as they get very testy if you disturb them. I get nervous when they get nervous.

2 thoughts on “Snake Den

  1. Looks like the Livermore mountains; but I assume it can be anywhere in Calif. My g. Uncle had a small ranch way up in the Mountains, years ago, where one could find rattlers. A lot of deer hunting went on. He was a ways from Harry Rowell’s ranch who he roped/worked for at times. I have fond memories of the place!

    • Our ranch is adjacent to what was the Rowell Ranch and Camp Bertha. My father and grandfather hunted on the Rowell Ranch. My grandmother was a registered nurse who cared for Harry Rowell’s first wife, Bertha, while she was ill during the 1930’s. Small world.

      This snake den is on the extension of the ridge which the Park District has named Rowell Ridge.

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