Open Zone Mule Deer Road Trip

Spent the weekend driving and looking over mule deer country. First stop, X5a. Lots of good looking deer habitat. Observed about 50 deer during two tours. Here are a couple photos.

DSC_0215[1] roadside four by on private ranch off Horse Lake Rd.DSC_0221[1] X5a doe from roadDSC_0225[1] nice buck at 700 yardsDSC_0247[1] Does & fawns in X5a


DSC_0241[1] Horse Lake bucks

Could have shot this guy with my bow as archery season was open. He stood there at 20 yards and waited for me to take his photo. Good thing I left my bow home.

Next was Devil’s Garden. Saw only a few deer, but the habitat was stimulating. More deer will move in during the fall.

DSC_0236[1] DG burn

DSC_0239[1] County Road does

And finally, X6b. This is the location of the Doyle Muzzleloading rifle hunt.


The Doyle hunt takes place in late November. Should be prime time for rutting bucks.

That’s about it. Didn’t see anything too exciting, but did see some great deer habitat and it will look much better during October and November.

Spoke with an antelope hunter who said he’d seen a 29+- incher that morning. Not me.

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